Efest Power Bank

The Efest Power Bank, available in 8000mAh 12000mAh and which with you can charge your e-cigarette at any time.

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Price From: €29.95
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Price From: €29.95
 In Stock

For faithful customers, we offer a unique saving scheme which allows you to save towards a discount on subsequent orders. If you have an account, and you place an order, you receive 1 Ferro point for every Euro spent. The points are automatically credited to your EBNferro account. For every 100 points, a € 3.00 discount can be claimed against your next order.

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The stylish Power Bank Efest has a nice, sleek design and is made of high quality materials. The inside of the Efest power bank has four powerful ICR 18650 battery which can be recharged via the included Micro USB cable. With the Power Bank you can easily charge your e-cigarette, but it is also suitable for charging for example a phone or camera. The Efest Power Bank is available in 8000mAh and 12000 mAh.

Additional Information

Specificaties voor de Efest Power Bank

  • Brand EBNferro
  • Type charger USB charger
  • Color Blue